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Giveaways.  Members get access to random monthly giveaways.  We are giving away tablets, cell phones, electronics and other random items throughout the year.

Courses.  We have several amazing courses with more new courses added constantly.

Some of our courses include learning yoga, starting a business, raising your IQ, protecting yourself from identity theft, developing confidence, learning how to sell, and much, much more with more coming soon.

Course Completion Certificates.  When you complete a course you are given a course completion certificate.  These are great to frame, show friends and family, and maybe even to show potential employers or associates.

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Financial Tips.  We are introducing financial tips, stock picks and other resources to keep your money safe and get the best return on investment.  These are the types of investment tips that people pay hundreds of dollars per year for.

Right now membership is at the lowest price it will ever be.  Only $5 per year.


This site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Nor, do we guarantee in any way that someone will live a longer life, or live past 100. Biological Age is a crude measure of one’s health. Though we hope you find the Biological Age test interesting, one cannot infer anything from it. Live Well Past 100 is not responsible for anything one does while on, or after one leaves, this site.  

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