Some things never change with age. The search for the other.

Some seniors are turning to online dating services. In fact, dating services often specialize to attend to seniors’ needs.

There are Dating Services for Seniors

Consider Dating for Seniors or Senior Match. Both websites focus on seniors.

But whether using Online Dating to find a companion or not, Seniors just date differently.

Gender Ratios Change the Playing Field

Given that women tend to outlive men, men may have the favored position. Guys are now the ones to be chased.

Goals Are Different

Falling in love and having kids probably is not an issue.  With the acquisition of age and wisdom, the goals of that lovebirds may be different.

Appearance May Not Be as Important

Do not think that appearance is meaningless, but seniors have learned that it is a secondary issue.

Companionship May Be the Goal, Not Romance

Many are looking for just companionship. Not marriage. So quite often, there will be a search for more than one companion. No, this is not an elder form of polygamy. One companion might be for dinner talks. Another for shopping. Another for visits to the beach.

Finances Can Be More Important.

Youngsters can proclaim that all they need is love to survive. Seniors know better. Seniors take this into account, since often they are on limited budgets.

Seniors Are Often Retro-Tech.

Seniors can often prefer telephones and communication-in-person to texting and messaging. Less selfies, more chatting.

Seniors Are More Cautious.

The fearlessness of youth has long since disappeared. Seniors probably will not be hitting a local seedy bar, but would prefer safer establishments. A nice open air cafe, or a visit to the opera.

Probably Less All Night Benders

This should be obvious. It is the uncommon senior who can burn the candle at both ends.

Seniors do things differently, but they are still vibrant and alive. So the eternal chase goes on.