It’s time for America to face the sorry facts about our transportation systems.

– Our infrastructure is outdated and in disrepair.

-Our cities are gridlocked and congested with traffic.

-It takes a year and a day to get from point A to point B because of traffic jams and outdated transportation grids.

-The downtime caused by outdated transportation systems is nonproductive, aggravating, costly, and energy consuming.

-The government talks a big game but so far has done nothing to improve our transportation infrastructure.

-Every day we read another article about China, Japan or some other country doing wonderful things with bullet trains, underground transport systems and modern transportation terminals.

Here are some things that both public and private companies with the cooperation of local governments are doing:

The Boring Company

It’s that billionaire that everyone is bashing again. Yup, Elon Musk is at it again. Right now, the jealous naysayers of the world are ready to lynch Elon Musk because Tesla is experiencing problems becoming a profitable self-sustaining company. Meanwhile, Elon Musk keeps plowing ahead-this time with the perfectly named, Boring Company.

Who among us has had the intellectual foresight and determination to do what Elon Musk has done?

1 – PayPal

2 – Tesla

3 – Solar City

4 – Space – X

5 – Hyperloop

6 – The Boring Company

Right now Elon Musk is juggling several balls in the air. One of them is The Boring Company which has a novel way to dig tunnels that house high speed public transportation systems. The systems vary from super-fast highways to high speed Pod Car systems all the way up to Hyperloop systems. Here is The Boring Company’s proposed tunnel route – a “loop” running the 35 miles between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. The route, which could extend to New York, is designed so that it could one day receive an upgrade to support Musk’s vacuum-sealed Hyperloop system running at up to 700 mph. Over the weekend, SpaceX held its third pod design competition, with the winning team WARR reaching a speed of 290 mph. Here are some projects:

1- “The Boring Company already has deployed a test tunnel for the company’s larger projects.

2 – “The firm has received an excavation permit to build a 2.7-mile tunnel in Los Angeles that could support 16-passenger transit pods running 30 feet below the surface at speeds of up to 170 mph, with tickets costing $1.

3 – “Last month, the mayor of Chicago announced the firm would build a similar system to run the 16 miles from the city’s airport to Block 37 downtown — with plans to start digging in just a few months.”

Washington D.C. to Baltimore Proposed Tunnel – With extension to New York planned:

Picture courtesy Curbed: (Click Here)

Here is the proposed Chicago O’Hare Airport Station that will be part of the Chicago high speed tunnel system – digging to start in one month:

Picture courtesy Fortune: (Click Here)

Here is the boring machine that digs The Boring company’s tunnels:

Picture courtesy The Boring Company:

Hyperloop from Space-X

Here are videos of an actual American Hyperloop system and the proposed European Hyperloop grid Courtesy

Meanwhile Space-X has held three annual Hyperloop Speed competitions: Check out the video in this article

“WARR Hyperloop run by the engineering students from the Technical University of Munich won SpaceX’s hyperloop pod competition on Sunday for the third time. This year, WARR Hyperloop pulled off the win when their self-propelled pod reached a top speed of more than 290 miles per hour, a new record for the competition.”

Autonomous Cars by Waymo

So you think driverless cars are a thing of the future. Well I’ve got news for you and Uber. Alphabet – aka Google – GOOGL is about to roll out its Waymo ride hailing service in Arizona. According to “The highest-profile development in the world of cars is whether we can get to the point of a driverless car that becomes safe and good enough that people want to use it, and want others using it anywhere near them. It’s a big gamble, because it involves so many dimensions of safety, performance, human psychology and even national security. In this quest to reach that point, there are many companies — large, small, public and private. Because of the sensationalist nature of getting to that glorious end-state of the robocar (or robotaxi, if you will), there is an incentive for many companies to exaggerate their claims and take shortcuts.

Many companies need funding, and others want to get sold in a quick exit. The temptation is there to say you’re further ahead than you really are.   Alphabet (GOOGL) has been at this game longer than most, and it’s not looking to raise money — not with $100 billion in the bank, no meaningful debt, and being vastly profitable to begin with.“

Waymo has partnered with several major automobile companies and is about to launch 62,000 Mini Van’s it purchased from Fiat-Chrysler in the Phoenix metropolitan area. It also has bought 20,000 Land Rovers.

Picture courtesy Waymo:


I think that undercapitalized, overvalued Uber has a life or death problem. In my opinion GOOGL has beaten them to the punch and has the money to destroy them.

There are transportation systems being implemented right now that most people cannot imagine. Just ask anyone about Hyperloop, autonomous self-driving cars and so on. You know that they will think you are crazy if you tell them it’s real. They will think you are even crazier if you tell them that statistical analysis of test programs shows that these systems are infinitely safer than real people driving cars. If they laugh at you, ask them when was the last time they did not curse at another driver on the road?

All of the above systems are safer, faster, much more climate friendly and efficient than anything in place now.