Remember when you were in high school. Remember how you suffered through that Spanish or French class?! Remember how you forgot every bit of it once you left high school?! Well, you probably regret never mastering that second language.

Don’t give up hope just because you are now a senior.

Actually, learning a language is one of the best ways to keep your brain in fighting shape.

Learning a new language may not always be easy for adults, but there is research to suggest that doing so is beneficial for brain health. As we get older, most of us experience an age-related decline in mental functions such as attention and memory, and in some people the acceleration of this process leads to the development of Alzheimer’s disease or some other form of dementia. A number of recent studies suggest that learning a foreign language can slow this inevitable age-related cognitive decline or perhaps even delay the onset of dementia.
Source: The Guardian

So go to the library and get yourselves a few language primers – the ones you have not perused since high school – and crack them open.

Better yet: There is a ton of language help on the internet.

Spanish Dictionary has tons of free tools to help you learn Spanish. Had they been available those many decades ago, who knows? You might be fluent in Spanish today.

Spanish Dictionary even offers a free online Spanish course called Fluencia.

Study Spanish has a mountain or resources. Much of it is for free.

Of course, there is also DuoLingo if you want to learn a language. Duolingo offers 23 languages. Duolingo offers apps for your tablets and smartphones.

There is also iTalki.

Sign up at iTalki for free. You can find native speakers of other languages to help you learn a language on iTalki. You teach them English, as they teach you Spanish, French, or Chinese or whatever.

You can then take it to the next level with Skype. After finding a partner on iTalki, invite them to a chat person-to-person on Skype. Skype is free if you only talk computer to computer.

On Skype, you can make more friends with people around the world. They are eager to learn English, while they teach your their own language.

The best way to learn a foreign language is through conversation, something you could never do those decades ago in high school. Now, you can turn on a computer and talk to someone in France or Uruguay. This is one of the best ways to learn a language.

Here is a hint: Women are usually better at languages than men. So find a woman on Skype to talk with.

So, learn that foreign language you always wish you had learned.



And hundreds more. There is no excuse for you not to learn a language.