If you like to shop online, you should be aware that there are always new scammers on the horizon.  Websites with heavy traffic, such as Amazon, are highly targeted by scammers, because the more traffic there is, the more potential victims there are—according to Kim Komando, popular online digital expert.
Since the inception of internet shopping, there have always been people trying to scam us all out of our hard-earned money.  But, now, there are newer, more deceptive scams than ever before. Take, for example the new Amazon delivery scam—Kim Komando reports “This one is extremely tricky!”

This is how it works:

A customer orders from Amazon and is given a tracking number.

The tracking number is used for customers to be able to check the progress of package delivery, online.  Clicking on the tracking number link, tells customers exactly, where their package is, and when the estimated deliver date will be.

The scam involves third-party sellers, many of which sell their products on Amazon, they scam customers by shipping packages to the wrong address.  The packages don’t usually contain the items that were ordered. 

When the empty packages show up, the scammer (or someone the scammer arranges to receive the package) signs for it, and the tracking information tells Amazon that the transaction is complete, and the items ordered have been delivered.

When the customer sends Amazon a request for a refund, the refund gets denied.

Many Amazon customers in the U.S. have complaints about paying for packages that were recorded as delivered—that they never received, says Komando.

How to Avoid Amazon Delivery Scams

The best way to avoid the Amazon delivery scams is not to purchase products from third-party sellers.  This is something that people should already be avoiding—according to Komando—because there have been so many problems involving third-party sellers and counterfeit products.

Here is how to tell if a product is coming from a third party or not:

Amazon Direct – does NOT involve third-party sellers, products are sold and shipped by Amazon.

Amazon Fulfillment – these products come from a third party, but, they are safe to buy, because they are warehoused and shipped directly from Amazon.

Amazon Marketplace – these products are shipped directly from third-party sellers.  Do not purchase these items; these are the products that have a bad reputation for being involved in Amazon delivery scams.


If you, or a person you know has been ripped off by an Amazon third-party seller, be sure to report it to Amazon right away.  Kim Komando suggests filing an A to Z guarantee claim by going to the “Orders” section of your Amazon account and selecting “File/View Claim.”  Next, select the reason code that describes your problem and choose “Request refund through A-to- Z Guarantee.”  Enter the information required in that screen, and then select the “Submit” button… problem solved!


Kim Commando