Post-retirement is the ideal time to start checking off items on your bucket list, and for many people traveling is a high priority. Without the hassle of working around your employer’s timetable, choosing your destination can be half the fun—so why not branch out? While Paris, Vegas, and Disney World will always be popular options, there are plenty of great vacation spots ideal for retirees who want to think outside the box and explore the smaller parts of the world. Check out these ‘hidden treasure’ travel destinations and you might just find your next trip!

Tulum, Mexico – Tulum is a well-kept secret in Mexico, overshadowed by the hulking presence of the Cancun resorts. This beach hamlet is a far more tranquil option, with plenty of activities for seniors, especially if your goal is to relax! Go biking, visit a spa, or take a historical tour of the local ruins. Tulum also has plenty of ocean-side activities, so you can get your fill of soft sand, swimming, or even dive deep for some scuba diving.

Jekyll Island, GA – Located in the southern Golden Isles of Georgia, Jekyll Island is an ideal option for couples, offering romance at every turn. Visit one of their premiere resorts for gourmet dining with ballroom dancing to follow, go for a horseback ride, or get in some nautical sightseeing on a dolphin tour. The island is also a golfer’s paradise, boasting three championship courses. From the white sand beaches to the waterpark, Jekyll Island has something for everyone, no passport required!

Malta – Tucked between Sicily and the North African coast, Malta has been getting a lot of attention lately—since this location is on the up and up, now’s the time to get there and enjoy everything it has to offer. Malta is a stunning oasis in southern Europe, perfect for history buffs. Visitors can pack a lot of sights into a small place. While there is an abundance of museums dedicated to the area’s history, the colorful architecture means that simply strolling through the streets is a treat for the eyes. There are also temples, cathedrals, and stunning classic structures to be had. With all this, plus Mediterranean beaches, Malta is truly a jewel to behold.

Asheville, NC – Asheville is a great option for adventurous foodies, offering truly unique dining. No Taste Like Home is a group that provides guided tours described as ‘forage-to-table’. The tour leads visitors to edible gems like wild mushrooms and greens—participants pick their own finds, and the fresh ingredients are then turned into meals by local chefs. Described as ‘find dining’ this is the perfect option for the outdoorsman who enjoys a hearty meal at the end of the day.

If traveling is number one on your post-retirement to-do list, don’t stick to convention! Think outside the box, do research, and be creative! The world is a big place, and there are new experiences at every turn.