Here we go again. It is just past midnight and the US Senate has once again voted to shut down the government. I don’t know how long this will last, but I do know that for most seniors it will have little or no effect on the basic things that are important to them.

A government shutdown will not stop essential government services such as the military, your local police, medical facilities and so on. Your Social Security payments and Medicare services will not be stopped. So most seniors can rest easy.

But will there be inconveniences? You bet! If you are applying for first time receipt of Social Security or Medicare benefits, there is a chance that the enrollment process may be slowed down. Government employees will obviously lose pay and some Veterans health programs may be affected. The list goes on.

1 – Here is an article from US News & World Report:

2 – Here is another article from CNN which warns that government loans for homes and small businesses may be delayed. Same with certain veteran’s checks.

3 – Here is a more complete list from Bloomberg:

The only good news is that this Government shutdown will most likely end soon. My famous last words. My gut says that it is just another one of a series of political food fights that makes American’s sick of our government. I will keep politics out of it, but want to say that both Democrats and Republicans deserve a pie in the face. Whatever one’s views are, how can grownup Senators ask us to believe in their holier than thou speeches blaming the other side without working things out for essential matters?

Yesterday I was doing a jigsaw puzzle with my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter. She started teasing me that she was better than me. Of course I went along with it, but later showed her this video:

In short, this silliness too shall pass. Essential American programs are not being enacted. The government’s business is not getting done. Maybe this will be the last time a shutdown happens, but I doubt it. We have been living with these shutdowns for many years.

So get angry at your reps. in Washington DC. Vent your political anger. Spout whatever your political views are. But do not worry about your essential services. Your social security payments will come and your medical bills will be taken care of. This madness is as American as apple pie.