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David Uriarte
David Uriarte
David Uriarte is a regular contributor to . He specializes in the more interactive features on the site such as the courses, tests and some of the videos as well as general site maintenance. Email: [email protected]
Dropshipping Business Intro

About this course

Dropshipping is a great business that you can start with little to no investment, very little risk and you don't even have to deal with inventory.  Dropshipping is buying directly from suppliers and having them ship to your clients.

In this course we will show you that with no experience you can start a dropshipping business.  This is a business that you can start right now in your spare time and if it grows can have you living comfortably.

We'll show you how to find a market or niche that you want to target, how to find products and vendors, how to start an online store with a minimal investment, how to get people to buy from your online store and much more.