Working out is critical to your health with cardio, balance and flexibility, and strength training all equally important. However, “fitness” doesn’t just belong at the gym and there are many ways to improve it without putting on your good lycra pants. Consider your well-being holistically, as a whole, and that fitness encompasses more than just a good workout session. There are a number of ways to up your fitness and well-being without working up a sweat, and indulging every day is a key part of wellness.

For example, staying on top of proper sleep hygiene and maybe investing in a white noise machine or humidifier if you have trouble sleeping is critical for your health. Saving the right amount of each paycheck is a critical part of your financial fitness. There are thousands of improvements you can make to bolster your fitness levels. Here are a few to consider:

1. Establish a sleep ritual

Avoid looking at a screen or eating two hours before bed, ditch as much light as possible in your bedroom, and check out a sleep app to monitor your nightly activity. These are all great ways to sleep better, which can lead to a stronger immune system, more energy and even a longer life. Sleep is critical, yet going without has become strangely revered. Don’t fall into that entrapment, and instead prioritize sleep just like you do eating healthy.

2. Create a great skin regimen

No matter what your gender or age, taking care of the biggest organ you have is critical. A skin regimen doesn’t need to take long or be expensive, but you do need to find something that works for you (and which involves applying SPF whenever you leave the house). It can be a cue to your body to wake up in the mornings and slow down at night. You only have one face, and it’s your best accessory; take care of it.

3. Donate or volunteer

Your emotional, spiritual and mental well-being is dependent on many things, including charity and philanthropy. Whether you prefer to volunteer at a hospice, donate regularly to a favorite charity or simply practice kindness actively, these are all ways to improve your “karma fitness.” This is something that’s learned and practiced, not necessarily innate, but remember that you should also enjoy whichever option you choose.

4. Choose a mental stimulation challenge that doesn’t involve a screen

Instead of delving into Words with Friends or another mobile game, think about the games you liked to play before the Digital Era. Classic board games, crossword puzzles, and figuring out challenging gardening obstacles all tap your mental stimulation without the side effects of feeding a technology addiction (which many people have). It can also be a fantastic tool for mixing in a little social health if you engage face-to-face with friends and family.

“Fitness” can mean just about anything, but don’t forget to sneak in those regular workouts, too. After all, you need a healthy body to complement a healthy mind and spirit.